Wangari Muta Maathai

Wangari Muta Maathai was a biologist and environmental activist who started the Green belt movement in 1977. In 2004 she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her "contribution to sustainable development, democracy and peace."

Malala Yousafzai

In 2012 Malala Yousafzai was shot in the head in front of her friends on her school bus by a member of the Taliban because she was then and is still today an advocate for the rights of young girls and women. She was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize at age 17 and is the youngest recipient in history. 

Rigoberta Menchú Tum

Rigoberta Menchú Tum is a Guatemalan political and human rights activist fighting for the rights of indigenous peoples. After winning a Nobel Prize herself, she helped create the Nobel Women's Initiative to support women's groups representing justice, peace, and equality.

Madam C.J. Walker

Sarah Breedlove, later known as Madam C.J. Walker, was born to recent former slaves and became an entrepreneur by creating a cosmetics and haircare manufacturing company. By the time of her death in 1919 at the age of 51, she had been recognized as the first American woman self-made millionaire.

Dolores Huerta

Dolores Huerta coined the phrase, "Sí se puede" and is the co-founder of the National Farmworkers Association. She was severely beaten and has been arrested 27 times all during peaceful protests. Her activism on behalf of farmworkers has been recognized with numerous awards. At 89 she is still protesting and was arrested most recently on August 22, 2019.

Margaret Sanger

Margaret Sanger opened the first known U.S. birth control clinic and another all-black clinic staffed with black doctors and nurses in Harlem. She was a nurse and activist for women's rights to choose whether or not to have children. She helped pave the way for Planned Parenthood and she served as president of the International Planned Parenthood Federation.

Jazmin Schiano Di Cola

"Ten percent of the population in Frederick County is Latino and African American. That ten percent needs to be in every industry in the county. We need to have it in the government, school systems, and businesses...We need to be represented more. I am here to be that voice for that forgotten community, and that is not only for the Latino community. That is for all the undeserved community, because I represent everyone. "

Tarolyn Thrasher

Tarolyn Thrasher is running for delegate. She says, "Education is a huge platform in my campaign for many reasons. First being that my kids are black we need more educators of color to be part of the school system. When kids of color are taught by educators of color it’s a better learning environment".

Elizabeth Chung

"A woman would make the best president of the country. We have a lot that we juggle, balance, and we know how to see different perspectives. When you bring differences of women together, the difference becomes not a challenge, but a strength. Being women of diversity, we are more receptive and accepting of differences, and are able to bring those differences together."

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New Boy

This award-winning film by Steph Green demonstrates how important it is to get to know someone that looks different from you. You won't know their story unless you take the time and we have more in common than most of us realize.

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The New Minority

White students in the Maryland Public Schools system are the new minority with 38% of the total public school population. However, students who are Black, Latino, Asian, Pacific Islander or Native, Hawaiian, and those who are identified as multiracial continue to not see themselves reflected in the curriculum, in their teachers, and in their administrators every single day which only widens the achievement gap.

Where are the minority teachers?