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Women are natural problem solvers. Our country, our state, our county, and our cities are facing huge challenges. The focus of Women Solve is to leverage the intellectual capital of women to drive better outcomes. We want to stop just talking and get it done, as women always have. We believe when one group is focused on solving a single problem, it's often easier to accomplish goals and more efficient.

For each project we take on, a diverse group of women representative of varied parts of a state or a city or a county will come together through the Women Solve organization to drive solutions using the tools of research, collaboration and orchestration integrating the ideas, support, and wisdom of female civic and political mentors. The result will be the creation/modification of policy/legislation to drive positive resolution. Each group will begin with an initial timeline and list of potential mentors. The projects may be filmed with the resultant footage being used to create documentary films showing the process from beginning to end, scaffolding a framework to demonstrate how everyday women can synthesize their ideas and force change. 

The success of this organization will be determined mostly by the end results of creating new policies or changing existing policies. The sole purpose of Women Solve is to tackle issues and reach REAL solutions and to demonstrate our process as a roadmap for other women to replicate. The documentation footage will begin with everyday ordinary women talking about what needs to change to showing group members doing research to then meeting with experienced mentors who will be guides through roadblocks as they meet with community members, local leaders, and officials.