Frederick March Women Solve News

By Amanda Rodriguez

Frederick Chamber Insights

From efforts to meet basic human needs and planning demonstrations to launching exploratory boards and change projects, Frederick has seen a number of local leaders born out of hope and a desire for change, come together to do the work of building a better community. Their efforts have been nothing short of inspiring and we are already seeing some of the benefits their work has given birth to – racial equity and equality committees, discussions and resolutions have been initiated at the City and County levels, FCPS has launched a racial equity committee and, here at the Chamber, the Racial Equity Leadership Team will have their inaugural meeting next month.

It has taken widespread community support and numerous leaders to get these projects off the ground and among these have been some standout women who have taken the initiative when it comes to opening these discussions. These women have brought forth ideas, organized events, launched organizations and inspired change, unity and discussion through their actions.

We had the opportunity to chat with a few of them about what motivates them, where they hope their work takes us, and the impact they hope what they do will have on the business community here in Frederick.